Monday, April 19, 2021

Program Project Management

Program Project Management & Inspection is “Key” when designing any project of any size. We offer a variety of services to keep your project on track and minimize any cost overruns that can be prevented. Our staff will assist and oversee the contractor to ensure he has the proper supervision, construction equipment, licenses, safety supplies, consumable supplies, all materials and all other incidental items that are required to complete the project in accordance with the provided contract documents or scope. We also will provide daily and weekly reporting and will handle any issues with the project as they arise during the construction activities and most importantly track your bottom line. Our staff provides the level of professionalism required to effectively handle and customer or landowner complaints, modifications to the planned design, as well properly recording the facilities placement on redlines.

Contact Info

  • TDC2
  • 634 N. Ballard
  • Wylie, Texas 75098
  • Phone: (972) 442-7005


  • TDC2, LLC was created to provide the most cost-effective design drafting and engineering service for the telecommunications community.
  • The work we perform will meet or exceed industry standards while still recognizing the distinct requirements of each customer.